Katy has a wonderful way of connecting with children, and encouraging their creativity in music, singing, dancing, art, drama or whatever "let's pretend" setting is the game du jour....
Katy's limitless imagination is contagious, not only inspiring young minds to fly and express themselves, but adding to her music, stories, costumes, face makeup and all children's activities a fantastical life of their own!

Pirate theme party - face painting

You never know where you might find Katy-- or whether you will recognize her! At stores, malls, public and private events, she may show up magically as any character from a pirate to a milkmaid, the Easter Bunny to a Christmas Elf, or a fun, musical, balloon-twisting happy clown! Kids gather around whenever Katy shows up!


Katy is Santa's elf!
Katy the milkmaid

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 Cookies 'n' Creme, with Dell and Katy along with Carla Winter, providing children's musical entertainment for your parties and special events! 

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