Here are some of the quotes about the 2009 after-NAMM show where our Katy Lawrence Band did an exciting and well received warmup for the Dirty Knobs!“I'm very sorry that I did not catch the name of the opening band, but they were fantastic! They jammed out and played some great tunes! Their singer was just amazing, not only could she sing but she played this very unique electric fiddle. Some tunes I remember ranged from Aretha's Chain of Fools with Peter Stroud on stage joining them, The Motel's Only The Lonely and I know it's a Melissa Etheridge song, but for the life of me, I can't think of the title.” “I didn't catch the name of the opening band, either, but I think the singer's name was Katie Lawrence? She was terrific!” “The opening band was called the Katie Lawrence band and they had such tangible energy! Katie would step down from the stage and dance with the audience...such a fun way to open the night.” “First of all I absolutely loved the Katie Lawrence band. That woman has got energy galore! Even after her bands set was done, I looked over there at her and she was really rockin' out to the Knobs. I had to laugh though because when she's performing she leaves the stage and she's all over the place and it caught me off guard- when I looked up and she was singing right in front of me. I was like- where did she come from? LOL! They were a great opening band! “Katie Lawrence is a sweetheart! After her set she asked me if we were all having a good time. Yeah, I'd say we were!” “Dang that is a heck of a lot of talent all in one place at the same time!”


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Big thanks to Mark Ramey, who willingly accepted - and used - Katy's digital cam at the Guitar Player gig; yours truly the Webmaster did some retouching, all in all a great set of pics! (links above) Also be sure to check out the website of videographer pal Jay West on My Space at imjwest.... go to this MySpace site to check out that video!

Here we are-- The Katy Lawrence Band
You're lookin' at Dell, Katy, Pep and Tim, ready for another evening of great music for your dancing and listening enjoyment! Based out of Antioch, this band has been playing for a variety of events and venues in the Bay Area and beyond for several years. Our music spans several decades, from the sixties to the present, with styles including rock 'n' roll, R&B, Motown and more. We have loads of original songs, most available on CD

Katy Lawrence

Katy Lawrence (Lead singer and Violin) is a native Californian, the daughter of two career music teachers. Katy has studied violin with Harriet McNeil, Doris Brill, and the renowned Hungarian violin prodigy Kato Havas; and had vocal instruction with Bob Boyle, Helen Stephens (Director of the Berkeley Inspiration Choir), and the late Judy Davis, whose students included Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Mary Martin, and Grace Slick.

 During the 1980s Katy toured with various bands in the U.S. and Europe-  including “Promise”, “Electric Wood”, “Dawn Patrol”, “Mogul”,  “The Flow”, “2 Xtreme”, “Dennis & the Sharks”, “Triton”, and “The Katy Lawrence Band”. She recently opened for Eddie Money at Konocti Harbor. She has also performed with the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra, and the New Approach Chamber Orchestra.  Katy has been a professional singer for commercials such as Ampex, Sir Gawain Hair Products, Cormark Trucking Co, Blue Chip Casinos, Cadence, and others. Katy earned the  Joey Award 1999 from the San Jose Film and Video Commission for performance in the Original Score of the Discovery Channel’s “Preemies: The Fight for Life”. Katy and her husband Dell are official endorsers of John Jordan’s Electric Violins, as well as Neo-Tech Straps, Tone-Pros, Kluson Keys, and Deering Banjos. They perform annually at John Jordan’s Booth at NAMM.  Katy is known throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as an excellent and versatile club musician; her sultry rock, blues and gospel stylings are reminiscent of the great Janis Joplin. Katy is a lead singer, and plays violin/fiddle, string bass, electric bass, and guitar. Her published CD’s include “Katy and Dell Anytime”, 2004, and “The Katy Lawrence Band”, originally marketed as “Triton”, 1997.

Dell Burchett

Dell E. Burchett (Lead guitar and vocals) was born and raised in California, and educated in the East San Francisco Bay Area. As a youth he performed professionally with his own rock band, as well as being involved in high school jazz band and expanding to a horn band in his professional work. He studied jazz guitar in the seventies with Mr. Stan Kenton. As a young man he performed in “Rock Island” with Marc Bonilla; also the Maguire Band and the Greg Kihn Band. In more recent years his own bands along with wife Katy Lawrence have included “Triton”, and “The Katy Lawrence Band”.  In the last couple of years he has performed with Eddie Money in Los Angeles, and with Paul Rodgers of Queen and Bad Company at the Superbowl party in Arizona. He opened with the Katy Lawrence Band for Mike Campbell at the Imperial Ballroom in Fullerton, CA; and performed with Peter Shroud of Sheryl Crowe Band at NAMM 2009. In addition, Dell has opened for Jefferson Starship, Rick Springfield, Rick Derringer, Ronnie Montrose, Journey and Elvin Bishop.  He performed on the sound track for the Warner Brothers T.V. series “Coast Guard”.

 Dell and his wife Katy are official endorsers of John Jordan’s Electric Violins, as well as Neo-Tech Straps, Tone-Pros, Kluson Keys, and Deering Banjos. They perform annually at John Jordan’s booth at NAMM.  Dell’s professional instruments include electric and acoustic guitar, Dobro, and 5 string banjo, in addition to vocals. His published CD’s include “Katy and Dell Anytime”, 2004, and “Triton” 1997

Pep Salinas

Pep Salinas (Drummer and vocals) started playing in his first band at age 14, and has been working in California since that time.  He played with “Murmurs” of San Francisco, “Dirty Money” of Los Angeles, and opened for Molly Hatchett & Great White.  Pep played at “Ozfest” with “Thieves in the Temple”, an Arizona based band, in 2003, and in 2007 he toured with Lydia Pence and “Cold Blood” in Japan. Pep has played with the Katy Lawrence Band for over a decade.

Dell Burchett and Katy Lawrence

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