Katy looking joyful and inspired in stage lights

Katy and her fiddle-- whether it's the beautiful acoustic or the fascinating and unique Jordan Electric- with a variety of genres and a passion and talent from early childhood, Katy can add her beautiful violin to any musical group, or simply stroll any special event adding the romance and fun of her inspired string music.


Adding katy's "strolling violin" to your holiday dinner party or business event is a wonderful way to make the occasion special and unique.  her variety of songs and styles along with her professional experience and talent will make your celebration a memorable one for everyone.
Check out the wonderful article in the Strad Magazine;  Katy is indeed a "world class musician"!

Katy is magical with her songs and her fiddle!

January 2008 STRAD Magazine article re: NAMM
Katy got special mention as a female performing artist, with a unique instrument!